The Scorpion Queen

We began the exercise by visualizing filling our bodies with water from head to toe. The water didn’t want to go lower than my navel, and opening space to let the water in hurt. Whatever was stuck in there wasn’t interested in cracking open. I saw a huge spider standing over a tangled web. The kind of tangled mess that you’d throw away before trying to unravel. It was a casing that looked like cotton on the outside, but was strong enough to imprison immense power.

I lay on my back fascinated by this spider, who I only saw for a split second. My eyes were closed and I listened to the guided meditation. As the spider disappeared, the water was allowed to trickle into the area, but not touch the casing. Support strands connected the casing to the insides of my torso walls. If you could walk through this part of my body, you would be breathing cobwebs and dust. This cocoon looked like it had been around for millennia, receiving layer after layer of cord and webbing wrapped so securely that not even light could penetrate it…yet.

I had been trying to connect with a scorpion, a creature that I would not normally invite to sit next to me. I had trouble in the previous exercise trying to connect with Scorpion and learn about her life. This time, after the sloshing water inside my torso reached the dam below my waist, the Scorpion appeared. She moved quickly over the cocoon that holds my power captive. She evaluated the strands, the strength of the apparatus and what she needed to do. As if she had been sent for this specific purpose, she began choosing strands to cut. Very deliberately, she moved over the tangle and used her pincers to snip strand after strand. Her attitude toward her work was so eager and playful, demonstrating that work doesn’t have to be work at all. She was almost singing while she changed my life.

After finishing part of her job, she paused, turned and looked straight at me. I felt a wash of her gratitude flood over me. She thanked me for the opportunity to help me. She thanked me for my interest in knowing her and for my willingness to trust her. She was full of joy and the pure love of living. I got the sense that she was doing more for me that I could imagine at the time. I sat back and witnessed her cutting strand after strand like she had a map in her head of how this whole contraption was put together. She was completely focused on her work, but still managed to emit the purest joy in what she was doing. I was humbled by her love and dedication. She was creating openings for light to escape and penetrate.

When she finished her psychic surgery on my second chakra, I was moved to turn over onto my stomach. I bent my knees and held my feet in the air. My arms came forward in front of my face like I had pincers of my own in place of my hands. I opened my eyes from this position, and Madam Scorpion showed me what the world can look like from the scorpion perspective. I was hugging the ground. Balanced and mobile. I felt comfortable, like I could sit in this position for hours basking in sunlight. I flexed my feet like the scorpion would flex her tail, stretching to the tips of my toes. I was well protected by my claws and stinger. I knew I was formidable enough to conserve my sting for when it meant the most. I loved life, I loved my role in life. I loved just being Scorpion without needing more than what I had right there.

The guided meditation was coming to a close, but I was reluctant to move out of this wonderful loving space. I sat still and asked for more scorpion experience. I felt more solidly grounded, and I was treated to the feeling of tiny scorpion baby feet walking over my back and sides and my eight scorpion legs. I experienced the feeling of love and contentment that mothers of all animal species know. I was a scorpion mother! I wanted to stay melded with her forever. It was a feeling of completeness, of fulfilling my life’s purpose. I thanked her for showing me her world. I thanked her for her loving healing work. I stayed quietly on my stomach, swimming in the love of the world.

Madam Scorpion broke through my barriers. She cracked the hard outer casing of mine that I had projected onto her species. She expanded my understanding, shared her joy, and began a healing process within me that I had only just recognized as needing attention. I am a more complete human for having known Scorpion. I am so grateful to her for helping me to re-member.

by Kerri Lake

originally published in Species Link, Spring 2003

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