Anna Twinney – Reach Out to Horses

I am constantly in awe of so many things but in this case I refer to what I think most lay people would call coincidence. Maybe it is an entirely random thing but I prefer to think of it that, we all exist on the same vibrational plane, each resonating a different variable tone but frequently coming into tune with other people, places and events as we reach a happy, mutual empathy.

Let me explain…….
As most visitors to this blog will be aware, I am fortunate to publish some of Penelope Smith’s catalogue and as a result I have developed a deeper interest in Animal Communication. While I was preparing some sales material for her I decided to contact some of the communicators listed in her magazine, Species Link, and ask for testimonials and accounts of their experiences with Penelope.
Everybody was very kind and generous with their responses but one in particular, from Anna Twinney, demanded my attention. Anna who runs the Reach out to Horses training programme from her home in Golden, Colorado is an internationally respected horsewoman, clinician, coach, certified animal communicator & healer who has conducted clinics, classes and training sessions in Australia, Canada, Denmark, England, Germany, Holland, Spain and through-out the United States. One other thing however that grabbed my attention was that, like me, Anna is English and it had intrigued her from my business letter head to notice that we both hail from the same area. More than that, we discovered that my office was only three miles from her parent’s home in England’s oldest and smallest county of Rutland. The result of this ‘accidental’ exchange of email was that in May, in a bistro restaurant in Uppingham market square, we shared a delightful lunch and much happy conversation. Was it coincidence, the ‘flying fickle finger of fate’ or an empathetic cosmic vibration that brought about the first of, what I hope will be many, such meetings? I don’t know for sure but I do know that I have a special new friend.

Please visit her website at

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