A Message for a Veterinarian client from a racehorse by Lynn Mckenzie

“Do not pine for my physical presence for I am with you each and every day. Your flow with me was magic, this allowed for the expansion of ‘all that is’, our love and joy. When your heart feels full, you will sense my presence. It is this sensing that will help you with the others, those who run, and those who fall. While there is pain on the physical realm, there is but pure joy on this realm. Our connection allowed for you, glimpses of this, on your plane.

What you saw in me was just a reflection of yourself, for you are but a vast being of pure love and joy, with a heart as big and open as any on your plane. Nurture this heart for you are in an ever expanding mode, on your way to realms unimaginable to you at this time. Allow this blossoming as you would a rose, for this will heal, both yourself and others. The divine beings in equine vessels require this of you right now.

My special friend, I am honoured to be your partner. We will continue to ride together through the dimensions of space and time as we are now one.”

The services provided by as an Animal Communicator, Medical Intuitive, Horse Whisperer or Flower Essence Practitioner are not a replacement for Veterinary care.

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