The Dog Told Me To Do It!

You have heard the stories when the teacher asked the child where his homework is and he answers, “the dog ate my homework”! Maybe the dog did but what about the story where the little boy states, “The dog told me to do it!”

Isn’t it interesting that we can take something, make it humorous and then make it into a movie! There has been a series of movies lately with new born infants talking, then the animals are talking in the next movie, then similar movies with other animals talking. In most of these movies, the “humans” (or adults) were unaware of the conversations or the depth of the conversations. Do you think the people that came up with these ideas knew something, perhaps?

There is a book that was out 20-30 years ago about a woman that discussed talking with animals. She stated that prior to learning how to speak, we all possess the ability to communicate non-verbally. As we begin to learn to talk, we slowly lose this ability of non-verbal communication. Reach deep into your own memories and explore those times when something just was not quite right with one of your pets. As you deeply contemplated the problem, the answer came to you out of nowhere! It probably didn’t come out of nowhere and no, you didn’t rely on your own Genius. Your pet told you what you were looking for through telepathy.

We have studied animal communication for years through their behavior patterns. Depending on the type of animal, we could reasonably understand what certain behaviors meant in a given situation. This could be studying the interspecies behaviors patterns or studying the behavior patterns of a male to the female during mating season of one species. This brings to mind the bird’s broken wing act to lure a predator away from discovering where her nest is and preying on her young. What about the displays that two males might perform to gain control of their herd between challengers?

This has been something that we have been able to study and explain so as to make it feasible for the average person to understand. People that are into training horses can learn less aggressive means to train horses rather than the old cowboy style of bucking them out until they are “saddle broke”.

If you do a search on the internet under “animal communication”, you will now be able to find the people that were able to maintain their ability to communicate with animals. It’s a very small percentage of individuals that are able to maintain their ability to continue to communicate non-verbally. For them it is a gift. For us, it is a gift when you know one of these people personally.

The study of animal behavior is fascinating and it is something that most of us can understand and work with. The Telepathy method is not so easy to understand because we do not all have this gift nor is it feasible that we can understand and work with Telepathy as well as we can work with animal behavior techniques. There are numerous stories of how these gifted people are able to communicate with an animal that a veterinarian is having difficulty diagnosing and in minutes, they have a solution for the veterinarian. Some of these people, through their special gift work with veterinarians thousands of miles away. Some of them work with people with amazing results (but this is another topic in itself).

The next time you talk to your toddler, maybe he or she is right. Maybe, “The dog told me to do it!”

Michael Russell

Your Independent guide to Animals

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