Animal Communicator or Pet Psychic?

When I began my professional Animal Communication practice about 12 years ago, my Guidance clarified my mission: to help others understand that animals are sentient beings, conscious and self aware. This led me to avoid the term “psychic” because people asked about having a “reading”. I explain to people that I am not “reading” their animals, like reading a book or tarot cards or palms. I avoid the term “medium” because I don’t go into trance. I avoid the term “pet” because it implies that the animals are here in service to us, i.e., to make us happy or serve us in some other way.

“Pet” generally indicates subservience, “someone kept for amusement or companionship” (according to the American Heritage Dictionary). This has negative connotations to me. In our patriarchal culture, “pet” has been used by men to describe animals and women, promoting inequality and justifying discriminatory treatment and mistreatment. I try never to use this word in any context.

To me, “psychic” includes clairvoyance; clairaudience; clairsentience; reading auras, tarot cards, palms, and astrological charts; telepathy; telekinesis; remote viewing and all aspects of extra-sensory perception and energy healing modalities; and the list goes on. Many Animal Communicators have a variety of psychic abilities, including telepathy with animals. So the word “psychic” certainly applies, and I try to help my clients understand that everyone is psychic to some degree.

I want to give my clients the experience of talking to an equal who speaks a different language and lives in a different type of body. I do my sessions in simultaneous translation, like someone at the United Nations, receiving from the animal and translating into words as quickly as I can. The human is on the phone and the animal is telepathically connected. I encourage my clients to ask questions during the session and to respond to the animal’s perspective, thoughts, and feelings.

I have learned how to let the animal “hear” the person’s voice (or experience their energy) directly, even when the two are not physically in the same physical space. To do this, I ask the person to speak into the telephone as if the animal were on the phone and as if I weren’t listening. As they speak, I “pretend” I am a telephone line and allow their energy/thoughts to flow to the animal through me. This can help when the animal doesn’t trust me because I am a stranger. It also can make a big difference when the animal and the human are stuck in their positions. By sharing each other’s feelings in this way, it can lay the groundwork for conflict resolution between them.

Over the last 12 years, I have softened a bit in my use of language. I still call myself an Animal Communicator, but when someone asks what that is, I may ask if they saw Sonia Fitzpatrick’s television show, “The Pet Psychic”. If appropriate, I use that show as a jumping off spot to explain that I have conversations with animals telepathically. If the person asks whether I speak with animals who have died, I say that I do, and then I mention that all life is Spirit and that I can speak with Spirit both in and out of a physical body. I also tell people, when it comes up, that I can scan the physical and energy bodies, speak with guides, angels, and Ascended Masters, plants, rocks, and the Earth, and that I also do energy/psychic healings.

Over the years, I have been gratified to see humanity’s collective consciousness shift towards acceptance of telepathic communication and become more open to the understanding that the entire universe is sentient. This makes me feel that I am accomplishing my mission as I facilitate understanding between people and their animals.

Rev. Nedda Wittels, M.A., M.S., is a telepathic Animal Communicator, Spiritual Counselor, and Shamballa Master/Teacher, offering private sessions in telepathic communication and in healing for humans and animals. She teaches workshops in telepathic communication with all species and in Shamballa Multidimensional Healing. She can be reached at 860.651.5771,, and

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