RE-MEMBER by Penelope Smith

Many people in the Western world consider themselves as separate from the rest of Nature, human spectators alienated from the whole web of life. They often do not recognize our interdependence with all beings on Earth and that animals, plants, minerals, and all the natural elements have much to teach us about balance and integration of spirit with form.

Telepathic connection with other species can be experienced as a spiritual journey helping us to:

harmoniously blend all aspects of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual nature; return to wholeness; awaken to unity consciousness;

remember who we are.

In this age of rapid change, we are palpably moving as a species and as a planetary family to our next stage of evolution. So, the thrust of my teaching is not on mechanically instilling skills in animal communication but on guiding students into the core realization of who they are as spiritual beings in wholeness, connection and natural communication with all of life on Earth.

Other species never forget who they are as spiritual beings and as organisms fulfilling their function in the whole. In this innate consciousness and acceptance of their place in the greater scheme they have a fundamental joy, peace, and harmony.

Humans need to be reminded again and again, for we are the only ones who can forget and lose our way in our mental complexity. Our tribal ancestors knew that all species need each other to survive and flourish and consulted with the rest of Nature for guidance. Today, perhaps more than ever, humans need to re-member – bring all the members back together again bring all the members back together again – both the fragments of our inner nature and the members of human and other species tribes on Earth.

The state of our ecosystem and all the members in it, including and especially our domesticated animals and plants, reflect our whole and unhealed aspects, our vitality and our sickness. By paying attention and becoming more conscious of the state of being within and all around us, we can move with greater ease to our next level of evolution and wholeness as individuals, as a species, and as a planetary unity of Being.

While all creatures can be our teachers, the dolphins and whales may most appropriately lead the way by example for us in our particular journey as a species. They already have equal or greater complexity of brain and mind as humans have. Yet, they do not lose consciousness of their spiritual nature as they enjoy embodiment and they give us examples of living unity consciousness.

Non-human wisdom is tapped in many individuals’ communications with animals, plants, and other forms of life. In a recent Advanced I Course, when asked to communicate with an animal that she felt repelled by, a student touched in on alligator essence. Unlike the images engendered by her human fears about alligators, she found them to be very contemplative, loving beings.

The alligators communicated how they teach their young ones to “rest,” to feel their bodies in the mud, to practice connecting deeply to the Earth and water. They focused on the beauty of contacting the Earth with the underside of their bodies and how this not only gave them energy and loving contact with the Earth but fed and supported the Earth and all of life upon it. They consciously held a matrix of support and unity for their own kind and for the whole Earth.

I could see how the alligator elders had to pass this consciousness to the young, not only through their genes, but also through their example and communication to each other. Other tribes of animals do the same with their young: the elephants, the bees, the whales, the frogs, the chimpanzees… handing down the “traditions” of their kind, the multidimensional aspects of being and consciousness of their function as individuals, as kin, and as part of the whole planetary ecosystem.

Such deep awareness and consciousness of animals, plants, rocks, and everything that is, is continually being discovered by those who penetrate the barriers of acculturated disconnection and feel the telepathic unity of existence.

Everything on the Earth is ultimately made of the same basic components, no matter how it has been reshaped by any being or process. By scientific examination, the same “particles” or energetic patterns compose all form. And underneath appearance, we all share the same spiritual essence. The particles of form can be seen as an extension or manifestation of our spiritual nature, as spirit congealed. Everything is moving, conscious, and alive. Everything communicates.

Since human nature contains all the paradoxes of existence and constant choice, it is often a difficult task for people to find their way. Communion with Nature can be a faithful guide along the path.

When we accept, embrace, and come to love the opposites of this world and our minds, we end up in a balanced circle, like the yin/yang symbol, with opposites reconciled, assisting each other. We experience unity, embraced in the nurturing center core of our Being. We find all of creation in this heart of hearts, the entire cosmos and all it contains. We arrive home.

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