I communicated with a 175-pound pot-bellied pig. He spoke right up about how annoying his pen mate was. He told me that she “gets in his space” and it is very irritating. He was perfectly fine as the human’s only companion and kept attacking her (the human) to try and get across how unhappy he was now, being a “duo.” He longed for the old days, when he was a baby and lived in the house. He missed snuggling with the human.
We worked out an agreement that he would be allowed out of the pen each day to spend time alone on the patio with his human. His human said he could cruise wherever he wanted in the backyard when she was out there as long as he didn’t eat the bushes. (The yard looked like a park at Disneyland, perfectly manicured.) No more biting or attacking, but nudging for attention was acceptable. He was so-o-o-o happy. He promptly lay down next to her and fell asleep. The human said she’d be happy to bring her sleeping bag out when the weather was cooler and snuggle with him again.
Then she had me ask him why he got so upset and wouldn’t let her trim his toenails. She reported that she has resorted to giving him beer to calm him down. He said that he loved the beer so he particularly looked forward to trimming time so that he could cause a big stink and get this drink. I told him that beer wasn’t especially good for him and throwing a fit to get it would not be in his best interests. She then told him that she would give him a sip of beer occasionally if he would stop fighting her on the toenails.

Later, the human had not fully latched the pen gate and the other pig came wandering out. In one of the sweetest moments of my career, he ambled over from across the yard, nudged me with his snout and ever so shyly and softly said, “Excuse me, but you promised me that I could be out here alone.” We promptly locked up the other one, until it was her time out of the pen.
I then spent another hour talking to the human about spiritual books, essential oils, and my own spiritual journey. This is something that I rarely do. I usually wrap up the consultation and leave. With tears in her eyes, she asked how she could find a meditation group to join. I said that she was welcome to visit ours as we have an open door policy for anyone interested.

Now here is the kicker. That night the pig came to me in my dream with this message, “I orchestrated this whole aggressive behavior act so that my human could meet you. I knew that you would invite her to visit and eventually become part of your meditation group. She is ready to blossom spiritually and needs contact with people like you. She has been searching for people of “like mind” unsuccessfully. Thank you for helping her. I really love her and I know you will too.”

This is where I began to think that I had gone over the edge. It took me a long time to come out of the closet and not think that I was nuts talking to animals. So when I get messages in a dream, I think that I have lost it. Yet, the message was absolutely clear and to the point. I now accept that it is in the realm of the Universe for a pig to orchestrate a meeting.

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