A Found Cat by Dawn Costerian

After I moved, my indoor cats began to spend time outdoors. May had been going outside for a week when I asked her why she never left the front door area. “I am afraid of getting lost.” I understood and told her she could do whatever she pleased.

A couple of days later she did not return home on Friday night. After twenty-four hours she was still not home. When I connected with her, she told me she was lost. I was concerned and asked my other cat, Nikita, to help me get May home. We lay down together and I held his paw in my hand. We connected with May and she described where she was (in the woods) and which direction she had originally walked. Nikita offered to enter her perspective and point her towards home. His eyes rolled back in his head and he began twitching, convulsing, and meowing (a condition I have never witnessed before). He gradually fell asleep and May told me she would try to find her way. Three hours later she was waiting by the door!

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