Penelope? As an Animal Communication Specialist, what do you do?

I give lectures, courses, and consultations and have books, audio and video recordings, and a quarterly magazine to increase people’s ability to understand and communicate directly with animals. I have communicated with and counselled thousands of animals and their people during consultations (in-person or by telephone) to assist them toward a more ideal relationship. We have successfully worked together to resolve misunderstandings, behaviour problems, and the psychosomatic aspects of illnesses or injuries that do not respond well to veterinary care. My writing and speaking commitments preclude scheduling private consultations now; therefore, for personal help with animal companions, I often refer people to our network of animal communicators.
How do you communicate with animals? Is it psychic ability? Psychic comes from the Greek word “psyche,” meaning soul or spirit. Yes, I communicate to the individual animal, who is a spiritual being with a particular type of animal body, just as humans are spiritual beings with human animal bodies. This awareness of animals as intelligent beings with a spiritual essence is central to the ease in which animals communicate with me and increases their willingness to understand and change in positive directions. With or without physical contact, I communicate with animals telepathically, with feelings, intentions, thoughts, concepts or mental pictures. They communicate back to me in the same ways, and I translate their thoughts into words for human understanding. Animals can also understand the meaning of words when humans clearly transmit what they wish to communicate. Animals pick up the intentions, images, and feelings behind what people verbalize. Some animals even relay words mentally; especially those animals who are very close to people and so have learned the meaning of words or who have had past life experience in human form.
Penelope Smith
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