THE TELEPATHIC JOURNEY: Opening to the Whole

While I was teaching a Basic Course in Germany in October 1999, the whole process of opening to telepathic communication and the stages of growth that people travel on this journey from separateness to oneness revealed itself in a clear sequence to me.
In learning how to communicate with animals, people usually start out feeling themselves as separate from other species. They usually see the animals as apart from themselves, in some way objectified. They feel that they cannot communicate with animals or only in a very limited way. Direct two-way communication feels foreign. They use their minds to try and figure things out about animals instead of directly receiving animals’ feelings and thoughts. At this stage, they hope that they can learn how to telepathically communicate with animals but are usually not at all certain about that possibility.
As people start to open to telepathic reception they feel their own blocks, inhibiting structures, restrictions, internal cages, conditioning, pain, and suppressed emotion. At this stage of separateness, they often project onto others through their own filters, agendas, and unconscious motives. They may be so locked in to their own defensive patterns and identities that they have a hard time truly feeling or perceiving anyone or anything, even themselves.
As they persist in the desire to communicate and as they practice to get beyond their own barriers, they begin to receive morsels of true telepathic communication from animals. Due to inexperience with recognizing how telepathic communication works and feels for them, they are usually unsure whether it is the animal’s thoughts and feelings that they are receiving or their own projections. By learning to trust their own process and acknowledge the perceptions that they receive, they start to feel the nature or sensation of true telepathic reception within them as opposed to the manipulation of projection. They begin to sense the difference between their own thoughts and feelings and the animals’. The animals generally happily validate true reception and show by their positive response that the person has indeed understood them. People begin to believe that telepathic communication is really happening for them, but they have doubts about how well they can do it.
Telepathic reception is a connection through both the heart (feelings) and the mind (thoughts). Our culture’s educational system emphasizes mental processes over intuition, thinking over feeling, head over heart. Often, beginning students open first to the mental part of telepathy. They may more easily receive telepathic communication in the form of mental messages or verbal thoughts. They may also tend to add their own thoughts to the animal’s communication as they translate or interpret the mind-to-mind message.
As people continue to open, soften, feel, and receive more through their heart and whole body, they get more of the full range of telepathic communication from animals, including the animal’s feelings, emotions, and physical sensations. At this stage they can still easily distort the communication with the addition of their own emotional agendas. However, as they practice the communication process, they learn how to recognize and accept the purity and simplicity of what they get from the animals.
As they learn to quiet their minds more and face the personal blocks or agendas that get in the way of clear telepathic reception, they receive more of the complete and true communication from animals. Their own defenses melt with the assistance of the acceptance, validation, and compassion that the animals invariably communicate. They heal themselves as they open to receive more communication. Their own reception channel gets wider and clearer.
As students advance through the guidance of courses and their own practice, they learn repeatedly from communication with other species and even their own species that all ways of being, no matter how different than their own, are okay. As they experience more acceptance of their dark side or previously non-acceptable traits or unowned aspects of being, they move into more openness and ability to be and feel the others as ONE, as aspects of SELF.
The deep compassion that the animals have for us as human beings helps us to learn to accept ourselves as we are. Loving compassion for others and self grows. The communication channel becomes more open and reception becomes easier and clearer. It becomes easier to feel what animals are feeling and sensing and thinking. There is less and less artificial separation. The distance is bridged. Communion flows into oneness with the animals and deep-felt understanding for all of life.
At this stage, people now know with a certainty that telepathic communication is real and they understand more of its complete nature. Then, an amazing, mind-boggling state begins to be experienced. The communication and connection expands into the ONE POOL OF OPENNESS WHERE ALL THOUGHT AND FEELING IS ONE. It doesn’t matter who is originating the question or answer. THE ONE WISDOM IS HEARD AND THE ONE LOVE IS FELT IN ONE’S BEING WHICH ENCOMPASSES ALL BEING.
As a person relaxes into and can sustain this all-encompassing openness, others around reflect this and open more to who they really are. On this path of spiritual growth others also reflect one’s restrictions and areas that are crying for healing and growth and echo them back in thoughts, feelings, and behavior. So, we appear to attract others of our own and other species who highlight in their own being what we need to work on.
The deepening process of telepathic communication often shows us where we are stuck and rattles our cages. It takes continual work on ourselves to become clear and open channels of oneness, peace, and deepest love.
Breathe, soften, relax, feel your feet on the Earth, and connect. Use the means that work for you to feel the connection with self and others until it blends more consistently into non-effort – into union. Then all reception, perception, and communication hold more truth and stand more within the soul center or source of love and wisdom.
As we learn to celebrate all that we perceive about ourselves and others instead of judging, criticizing, and struggling, we move from pain into a place of peaceful union within and all around. All this is possible on the path of connection that is the telepathic journey with all of Life. Let us celebrate into the new millennium this amazing, joyful, exciting, adventurous path of awakening that our sisters and brothers of other species open to us!

Penelope Smith

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