Here is a practice to contain and bring your energy down into your body and so you can feel calmly centered and connected to animals.
Feel your feet firmly on the ground and feel your connection to Mother Earth. Even if you are in a building or on some object, you can connect to the Earth through the floor of the building or through any material. All constructed things are made up of materials from and also connected to the Earth.
Allow your energy to be drawn lower in your body, away from your head and the motion of mental projections and into the organic feeling of your whole human animal form. Feel the Earth caressing your feet and your feet caressing the Earth. Feel your connection to the animal(s) you wish to communicate with through your feet on the ground. This is what it means to be “grounded” or consciously connected to Mother Earth.
As you lower your focus in your body, to your heart, belly or feet, you can more easily get in touch with your own feelings. Recognizing your own feelings is a prerequisite to being able to differentiate and recognize another’s. You can then feel what the animals are feeling, rather than trying to figure it out mentally and mixing it with your own thoughts and feelings.
A solid connection with the Earth helps you to become one with animals and sense their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual reality without the strain (for you and the animals) of reaching forward with mental projections, analysis, or other energy. This method of getting down through your body into telepathic or extended sensing affords a more complete picture of what is going on with the animal than more separated methods of communication. It is more likely to yield a full and accurate interpretation when put into words.
Reconnect with the Earth. Gather your energy down and calmly centered in your whole body. Feel your own animal nature. Then sense more deeply what the animal is feeling through your own animal form. In the process, you may restore lost or denied aspects of yourself, deepen in loving compassion, and increase your ability to help others—precious rewards for your efforts.

Penelope Smith

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