Containing the Energy

Training in interspecies telepathic communication requires increased awareness of energy fields and how we handle our own energy. One of the foundation exercises to learn to clearly and naturally send and receive telepathically is practicing to be quietly present – not doing anything, but just being aware and receptive. Getting one’s busy thoughts, judgments, evaluations, analysis and mental projections (all forms of energy) out of the way is essential to open a clear channel to heighten perceptions and to experience subtle energies and feelings.
Learning how to clearly communicate telepathically is a path of mastery of self, including one’s energy. To the degree one’s energy is out of control and projected on to the animals and humans one is trying to understand or assist, one gets mixed, unclear, or distorted messages, not purely understood as the animal or person is intending. The result can be detrimental or at least lack the miraculous healing potential that pure communication and understanding offer.
Many people are not aware of what they are doing with their mental and emotional energy. They unconsciously send energy in various directions and often do not notice the effect they are having on others. Animals can readily experience and reflect back how people are impinging upon them with their energy. Often people are so busy doing something else rather than being present, aware and listening that they don’t notice until these effects are pointed out to them.
Our urban society conditions humans to disperse energy in many directions rather than containing it in a calm, centered field within and around oneself. The speedy, competitive emphasis of our culture prompts people to push, struggle, and become distracted, which drains their own power. People suffer from unfocused mental attention, runaway busyness of the mind, lack of connection with their body and feelings, and running currents of anxiety.
Animals are generally very sensitive to energy in the form of thoughts, intentions, emotions, or feelings directed toward them. Chaotic, disruptive, forceful or invasive cascades of energy, from the more obvious, such as loud or raucous sounds, to the more subtle, such as emotions and intentions, can disturb, alarm, or provoke them.
When people initially encounter animals, they often flood the animals with energy in their desire to see them. They put their energy and automatic judgments onto the animal without even knowing that they are doing so. This can cause a range of reactions in animals, depending on their particular temperament and their familiarity with people. I have seen animals feel uncomfortable, oppressed, afraid, distracted, or angry when they received this uncontrolled energy from one person or a group of people. Wild or traumatized animals often react severely.
I routinely ask people at lectures when animals are present on stage or when students are meeting animal teachers at courses, to bring their energy back, cease projecting onto the animal and to keep their energy field contained and calm. Then the animals can be who they are in their own space and not have to deal with the mental and emotional energy projections of people. People intuitively know what I mean and comply without any explanation when I ask them to shift from staring or pushing energy forward and shift into a more gentle, relaxed or soft focus. This is a respectful way to be with the animals.
I have seen sensitive animals, such as my chickens, try to find a place to hide when a group of staring people come to see them. As soon as people are instructed to become quietly present with their energy contained, the chickens then walk all among the people, interacting calmly, happily, and even playfully. The resulting rapid transformation is obvious in how animals feel and behave. I have found throughout my life in communicating with animals that animals are drawn to a quiet, attentive presence. They are attracted, become curious, and are very willing to share their life; they no longer think of you as a human predator or a disruptive presence but as a fellow being or kin.
Some beginning animal communicators have asked me what to do when animals don’t wish to communicate to them. They may suppose that the animal is preoccupied or they picked the wrong time.
I have found that animals are very willing to communicate when you are quietly and patiently present and are simply open to receive their communication. They become peaceful and calm in the presence of centered, calm being. They relax when they don’t have to deal with the invasive energy of thought projections and agendas. They open their hearts and communicate freely to you. In this atmosphere understanding and healing can occur.

Penelope Smith

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