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1. More than any other factor, your attitude toward animals influences how receptive you are to their communication and how willing they are to communicate to you.

Respect and revere animals as fellow beings – different in physical form than you but of the same spiritual essence and potential. If you approach animals with condescension, thinking they are inferior in intelligence, awareness, or substandard in any way, you limit your ability to perceive and understand them as they truly are. As you increasingly see and treat them as fellow intelligent beings, you allow them to express themselves more deeply and fully to you, and your relationship develops, matures, elevates, and expands.

Focusing only on the biological aspect of an animal, while fascinating and wondrous in itself, can place you in the ruts of conventional notions and inhibit true seeing of the spiritual essence and wisdom behind the physical form.

Admiring an animal’s spiritual qualities, such as sincerity, trust, love, devotion, appreciation, loyalty, empathy, kindness, honor, honesty, patience, integrity, humility, joy, unselfishness, wisdom… will help to transform your whole relationship, enhancing the two-way communication and understanding between you.                                                                                                                   

Be humble and receptive, and allow animals to teach you.

2. Believe in your own intuitive ability to give and receive telepathic communication. Don’t invalidate your perception of impressions, images, or messages in any form.

3. Be ready, receptive, mentally quiet and alert. If your mind is busy, full of thoughts and background static, you can’t listen and receive.

To get to this state may take considerable practice and changes in lifestyle. Avoid substances and environmental conditions that dull the mind or make it too agitated. Adopt habits that reduce stress and increase calmness, like balanced food, exercise and rest, yoga, meditation, spending quiet time with your animal friends and out in nature.

4. Cultivate flexibility – willingness to learn from all beings and to change your ideas. Watch for judgments and preconceptions that limit receptivity to what the animal is really communicating. Be open to surprises – the unexpected. Let go of conventional notions of human/animal communication.

Be ready for animals to communicate, and question them on any level – from what food they like, to what they can teach you to improve your life, to what they consider the most profound truths. 

5. Be emotionally peaceful. Having an emotional investment in what animals say to you or how they should be can influence what you receive. If you require that animals like you or be affectionate before you can communicate with them, this can disturb them, block their true feelings or ideas or cloud your receptiveness to them.

In working with improving your two-way communication with animals, don’t flood animals with emotion, whether it’s love, fear, sadness or anger. If you are putting out strong emotion, you are generally not receptive to anything else, and you will get back only your own emotion or the animal’s response to it.

6. Be alert and calm. Don’t force the communication or try too hard. Notice your body posture and tension – leaning forward over the animal, straining forehead or facial muscles, breathing shallowly, tightening hands, manipulating or controlling the animal. Shift into the receptive mode. Lean back, open chest and hands, breathe slowly and deeply, relax, and listen.

7. Let communication assume its own form, whether it be feelings, images, impressions, thoughts, verbal messages, sounds, other sensations, or simply knowing. Get familiar with how you receive, so you recognize it and let it and other avenues open up.

Let the sense of meaning unfold by itself. Don’t analyze, evaluate or criticize. Remain innocent and nonjudgmental. Accept what you get, and acknowledge the communication. If in doubt, relax, and ask again, but don’t keep doubting and refusing to accept a communication impression, or you build your own walls.

Be willing to take risks – don’t be afraid to acknowledge whatever communication you get. Don’t worry about what other people will think or even what you will think!

8. Practice with a wide variety of animals in various situations. Step back from your normal routine and expectations, and be willing to learn and discover.

 Have fun!

From the book Animal Talk by Penelope Smith.
Reproduced at the Animal Communicators Blog by kind permission of the author.

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Animal Communicator Dr.Laurie Moore Has News For You.

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Animal Communication – what is it?

Animal Communication, or Interspecies Telepathic Communication, is the ability to communicate intuitively with animals and can be achieved through emotions as well as mentally. Intuition is a very powerful tool that we all possess and that animals easily understand. They use intuition better than people do; they are masters at it and rely on their intuition to guide and inform them when they are in danger or to evaluate a person, another animal or a situation. 

Intuition may be a psychic phenomenon but most people will have experienced it at some point in their lives. We experience it more when we are relaxed or going to sleep as we are lowering our brain wave levels to the same level as intuition; it’s almost like tuning in a radio. Most of us have heard or used that particular saying, “we must have been on the same wave length”, and it seems that it could well contain a lot of truth. 

Other incidents of “knowing” or having what is also called ‘ a hunch’ can be, sensing that something’s going to happen before it does, or when someone is lying to you or trying to manipulate you, or a sense that you need to do something. Knowing who’s on the phone before you pick it up or thinking about someone and they contact you or turn up at your house. Feeling how another person feels. 

Perhaps the strongest of all in humans is that between a mother and her child. A mother will sense what is going on with her children and will sense when they are not well or are in danger, as well as ‘picking up’ on things. All of these and many others are part of the psychic phenomenon we call intuition.

There are many different ways of using our psychic abilities and it is these same abilities that we use to communicate with animals. Information that you receive psychically can come in different forms, it can come to you as, words or sayings that you hear inside your mind, or a ‘knowing’ or ‘feeling’, perhaps emotionally or maybe physically that something’s not quite right. It can also come to you as pictures that show themselves in your ‘minds eye’ like a movie telling you a story. 

The easiest part of animal communication is getting our thoughts mentally across to the animal, the hard part is receiving that information back again. Our minds race along with thoughts and images of our own, so receiving information from animals can get lost or confused amongst our own thoughts. Once we have learned to quieten our minds, then we are able to receive the information. 

Information that is sent will be translated into which ever form is easiest for us or the animal to understand. If we use words with an animal but they would be better understanding pictures, then the words will be translated into pictures. Pictures can be translated into words or feelings, and this works the same way for humans. If the animal sends a picture but words are easier for us then it will automatically be translated into words. This is generally an unconsciousness process and not something of which most people are aware. 

Information sent psychically can be sent over any distance, in fact distance isn’t an issue when it to comes to communicating with an animal, because when you connect and link in with an animal you are linked into their energy or what is also called their aura or soul. Once you have connected, any distance between you is dissolved away. They could be on the other side of the world and it will seem like to you that they are right in front of you. The same can be said for when an animal is asleep or unconscious or has made the transition to the other side.

Over the last 15 years, Interspecies Telepathic Communication, or the ability to communicate telepathically with animals, has grown from being a sceptically received fringe theory, to join other previously unfashionable practices such as Reiki, hypnotherapy and acupuncture, on the cutting edge of science and healing. Rarely can such an achievement be credited to one person but in this case, I believe it is possible.

Penelope Smith, having developed tried-and-true telepathic communication techniques, which complement both ancient native wisdom and modern scientific knowledge, is the hugely respected pioneer of Interspecies Telepathic Communication. Her visionary work has been featured around the world in newspaper and magazine articles, as well as on radio and television.

To learn more about Animal Communication please go to:

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Species Link

Species Link, the Journal of Interspecies Telepathic Communication, edited and published by Penelope Smith, is an essential and iconic resource for all Animal Communicators.

Species Link is so moving, informative and inspirational. While the insights and caring of the animals always amazes me, I particularly enjoy the various viewpoints of different animal communicators. Also fascinating are those featured and their diverse paths to becoming. ”
Willene McElvain, Kansas.

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Animal Communicator Dr.Laurie Moore Has News For You.

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Living the Game

I stand in the fine sand on the near bank of a broad, flat river that flows to my left, releasing into the ocean beneath a golden sunset. Behind me and lining the bank on the far side of the river is lush tropical forest pulsing with life.

I am waiting.

An ancient crocodile appears to my right. He is as old as life, vibrant, and enormous. I trust him completely. Effortlessly, he slides into the water and invites, “Come with me.”

I step out onto the water beside him, and my feet float on the surface as we move toward the far bank. We don’t speak – we don’t need to. We both know our destination as if we’ve made this trip thousands of times before.

When we reach the far bank, I walk up onto the sand. He emerges from the water and transforms into a man. We stop for a moment and look into each other’s eyes. He is perfect for me in every way. He reflects my beauty, sincerity, kindness, compassion, acceptance, gentleness, gratitude, abundance and blessing. Without words, we break our gaze and walk together, side by side, into the forest.

We come upon a clearing that glows with energy. This energy emits a faint but infinitely powerful light that emanates from Mother Earth and travels upward toward infinite space. We feel the rhythm of this life force and are drawn into it. We step forward together with the deep knowledge that this is why we have come.

As we merge with the light, we merge with each other. Our physical bodies transform into one ultimately radiant channel of brilliance, and our merged energies become a unique new life. Like an intense core of the life of Mother Earth, this new life carries itself toward the sky.

At a certain point, the upward flow stops and the energy bursts outward in all directions. Sparks fly over the entire planet like a giant umbrella fireworks display. Each spark travels the entire distance back to the earth, and when it lands, becomes a new being. I watch from the center of the clearing, now alone, as these new beings walk all around, exploring their new lives. They interact with each other, learn from and about each other and themselves. They grow and change.

I suddenly realize, watching all of this new life growing and changing, that each and every being is me. Each individual looks, feels and acts like me. With this realization, I breathe deeply and smile, because I recognize the game.

I step out from the clearing into the forest and make my way to the nearest being, the nearest ‘me’. I walk up and greet her. “You are me” I say. “I invite you to come back inside. Come home.” He walks boldly forward with natural grace and we offer ourselves to each other, blending into one more complete version of ourselves, of Myself.

My game is to walk the Earth, greet each being, each version of myself, and welcome her, or him, back into the whole of Me. I walk the Earth, and I play my game with conscious intent. As I include each new being and all of his experiences, I become more complete.

I encounter the final other being who is walking on Mother Earth. I welcome her in and feel a rush of fulfilled life. The game is complete.

I lie down in a grove of eternal redwood trees to rest and feel the completeness of my Life, the communion of all beings on Earth. I close my eyes and sleep.

When I wake up and open my eyes, I am standing in the fine sand on the near bank of a broad, flat river, waiting for the crocodile.

by Kerri Lake originally published in Species Link, Summer 2003

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The Scorpion Queen

We began the exercise by visualizing filling our bodies with water from head to toe. The water didn’t want to go lower than my navel, and opening space to let the water in hurt. Whatever was stuck in there wasn’t interested in cracking open. I saw a huge spider standing over a tangled web. The kind of tangled mess that you’d throw away before trying to unravel. It was a casing that looked like cotton on the outside, but was strong enough to imprison immense power.

I lay on my back fascinated by this spider, who I only saw for a split second. My eyes were closed and I listened to the guided meditation. As the spider disappeared, the water was allowed to trickle into the area, but not touch the casing. Support strands connected the casing to the insides of my torso walls. If you could walk through this part of my body, you would be breathing cobwebs and dust. This cocoon looked like it had been around for millennia, receiving layer after layer of cord and webbing wrapped so securely that not even light could penetrate it…yet.

I had been trying to connect with a scorpion, a creature that I would not normally invite to sit next to me. I had trouble in the previous exercise trying to connect with Scorpion and learn about her life. This time, after the sloshing water inside my torso reached the dam below my waist, the Scorpion appeared. She moved quickly over the cocoon that holds my power captive. She evaluated the strands, the strength of the apparatus and what she needed to do. As if she had been sent for this specific purpose, she began choosing strands to cut. Very deliberately, she moved over the tangle and used her pincers to snip strand after strand. Her attitude toward her work was so eager and playful, demonstrating that work doesn’t have to be work at all. She was almost singing while she changed my life.

After finishing part of her job, she paused, turned and looked straight at me. I felt a wash of her gratitude flood over me. She thanked me for the opportunity to help me. She thanked me for my interest in knowing her and for my willingness to trust her. She was full of joy and the pure love of living. I got the sense that she was doing more for me that I could imagine at the time. I sat back and witnessed her cutting strand after strand like she had a map in her head of how this whole contraption was put together. She was completely focused on her work, but still managed to emit the purest joy in what she was doing. I was humbled by her love and dedication. She was creating openings for light to escape and penetrate.

When she finished her psychic surgery on my second chakra, I was moved to turn over onto my stomach. I bent my knees and held my feet in the air. My arms came forward in front of my face like I had pincers of my own in place of my hands. I opened my eyes from this position, and Madam Scorpion showed me what the world can look like from the scorpion perspective. I was hugging the ground. Balanced and mobile. I felt comfortable, like I could sit in this position for hours basking in sunlight. I flexed my feet like the scorpion would flex her tail, stretching to the tips of my toes. I was well protected by my claws and stinger. I knew I was formidable enough to conserve my sting for when it meant the most. I loved life, I loved my role in life. I loved just being Scorpion without needing more than what I had right there.

The guided meditation was coming to a close, but I was reluctant to move out of this wonderful loving space. I sat still and asked for more scorpion experience. I felt more solidly grounded, and I was treated to the feeling of tiny scorpion baby feet walking over my back and sides and my eight scorpion legs. I experienced the feeling of love and contentment that mothers of all animal species know. I was a scorpion mother! I wanted to stay melded with her forever. It was a feeling of completeness, of fulfilling my life’s purpose. I thanked her for showing me her world. I thanked her for her loving healing work. I stayed quietly on my stomach, swimming in the love of the world.

Madam Scorpion broke through my barriers. She cracked the hard outer casing of mine that I had projected onto her species. She expanded my understanding, shared her joy, and began a healing process within me that I had only just recognized as needing attention. I am a more complete human for having known Scorpion. I am so grateful to her for helping me to re-member.

by Kerri Lake

originally published in Species Link, Spring 2003

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James French

Animal communication and Reiki.

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